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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  June 15, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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safe on the road. >> reporter: plus two sisters and a mother are slashed and police believe it was at the hands of a loved one. and many tell me are just fed up with these speed cameras but that doesn't mean you can unleash your fury on them. the consequences when you get caught. at a motorist you know to pull over when you see flashing red lights behind you but what if it really isn't a police officer. it happened on the maryland state line and police are warning drivers along route 30 and 94 from ham stead to hanover pennsylvania be on the lookout for a fake cop. jeff hager has the very latest on the impersonator. >> reporter: driving south on baltimore pike near the maryland state line a mount airy woman spotted red and blue flashing lights in her rear view mirror and pulled over. >> the driver of that car was a male. he approached her and said she had an equipment violation on her vehicle. and he told her she needed to follow him to the police
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station. she initially refused. he a bit more aggressively said it. >> reporter: he claimed he was an officer had no patches no badge and no gun or other police accessories on his belt. so she drove down the highway to a nearby commercial area and used her cell phone to call 911. real police are now posting an artist sketch of the suspect in the area, but just down route 30 in manchester women we spoke with hadn't even heard about it. >> i wasn't aware of this. it's very frightening because if a police stops you you don't know whether to stop or not if it's a real cop and you don't stop bad things can happen to you. how do you know? >> i have had dealings with the police so. >> reporter: police say the driver in this case did exactly what she should have to escape. once you call 911 you can see if an actual officer has called
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in a stop. >> the key is don't exceed the speed limit don't go faster or make any overt acts. a professional agency will respect that and shouldn't be a problem. >> reporter: if a a plainclothes officers stops you you can ask a uniformed officer show up. >> the same man pulled over someone in january. if you have any information that can help lead police to the suspect you're asked to call york town crimestoppers 800-722-0991. and you may be eligible for a reward of up to a thousand dollars. a harford county sheriff's deputy is recovering after a suspected drunk driver crashed into his cruiser. >> the vehicle that struck him was traveling on state route 40 went to make the right on to
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mountain road. as he did, he lost control of his vehicle, he crossed the median, hit a sign and went airborne into the deputy's vehicle on the driver's side door. >> this all happened early this morning near the intersection of route 40 and 152 in edgewood. he was flown to shock traumas a precaution and released this morning. the suspect 21-year-old kevin johnstone faces several charges including driving under the influence. a family of four is in shock trauma after being slashed with a knife and police believe the husband did it. this all unfolded in the 1600 block of forest hill court in crofton. police were on the scene since early this morning. abc2 news brian kuebler explains what happened. >> reporter: anne arundel county police believe it was the husband of this family that seriously injured his wife and two daughters. police responded to the crofton home to find a 49, 13 and 20- year-old suffering from knife
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wounds. they are in serious but stable condition. they found the husband in the woods behind the home this morning. he too had knife wounds but police believe he is the one who attacked his family. all four are at shock trauma here in baltimore and the husband is under armed guard. neighbors in the area who know the family couldn't avoid the crime scene this morning. >> my mom said when she took out the dogs she saw the two daughters sitting over there covered like in blood pretty much and then they brought this mom out in like a orange like bad like shock bag or something. but her head was slowing. so i guess they rushed her off this an ambulance. >>reporter: state records and sources confirm the husband's name is julio pabon. there is no criminal record or history of previous domestic violence at that crofton home. brian kuebler abc2 news. congressman elijah cummings family and friends remembering his nephew
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christopher cummings. a public viewing will be held from 4:00 until 8:00 p.m. a wake will be held at the victory prayer chapel sunday morning at 10:00 followed by the funeral at 11:00. he was shot to death over the weekend in an apparent robbery attempt at his apartment. cummings and his roommate were in the apartment when someone came inside and shot both of them. the roommate survived. police are still searching for the suspect. the lives of two teens ended way too early monday night. now friends and family are remembering them. they are gathering for a memorial service emerald split and courtney angels were hit by a car at the intersection of martin luther king boulevard pratt street. police believe they tracked down the car they questioned the man and woman inside but no arrests have been made. well, they are getting great at getting people to slow down. those traffic cameras of course nobody wants to get a ticket but that doesn't stop the cameras from clicking.
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now a few people have been taking their frustrations out especially on one of the cameras that catches the most speeders. roosevelt leftwich joins us with more on this one. >> reporter: well, kelly with success comes detractors but in this case vandals. two of the county's speed cameras have been vandalized including the busiest camera in the county. it captured the most speeders than any other about 6,000 at last count. someone broke the cover surrounding the camera lens cracking it. another camera on north point avenue had its lens cover spray painted. both cameras were fixed within a day although many folks are critical of the cameras police say it has altered driving behavior and police and motorists will tell you cameras in the county and other jurisdiction have slowed things down. >> when i see them up there i'm much more cautious at any intersection now. something where i might have guned it before to go through it i come to a stop. i always wore about the person
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behind me smashing into the back of me. it has certainly changed my behavior. >> they have slowed people down. we've also seen in terms of the number of violations have been reduced since the cameras have been put into place. >> reporter: anyone with any information about the vandalism in cockysville on north point road call baltimore county police at the number on your screen. 410307 20/20. roosevelt leftwich abc2 news. let's take a look outside to see how that evening commute is going. 695 at liberty road, not half bad. >> traffic is moving very smoothly on this sunny, warm airy evening. sun has been the thing this week but what does the future home. check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart. >> a fantastic evening but the clouds are rolling in out of the west. maryland's most powerful radar sitting clear right now.
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temperatures comfortably warm low 80s almost no humidity. it's a great rest of the evening out there as temperatures fall through the 70s. we see fantastic mild dry weather hold up. through the overnight hours we will look for clouds to increase. temperatures fall down into the low 60s. we'll talk about how the weather changes tomorrow, including that chance for rain and what the weekend looks like coming you. >> thanks a lot wyatt. happening right now, people are sounding off in stevensonville about the proposed toll hikes in maryland. can't make it out to queen ann's county tonight you still have some time to speak up. there's 6 more of the public hearings scheduled around maryland the next coming days but few in your baltimore area. june 20th arnold. june 21st in dundalk and june 27th halfty grace. all the meetings run from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. the biggest change you'll see is the toll at the bay bridge it's gobble to double. 2.5 to 5 in october.
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and total of 8 bucks in 2013. the harbor tunnel key bridge and the toll on 95 in perryville will also be affected. we have the entire toll plan laid out for you on our web site on in our spot like section you can find a list of those upcoming public meetings. see all the details on each toll location. well, he's been capturing the imaginations of people around the world. now he's captivateing people right here in the baltimore area. the brain child of ibm is returning to his roots. bill fink explains. >> watson who is c. s. lewis. >> reporter: it was the jeopardy genius who took the country by storm. watson. that's what brings ibm to the school. >> which one is better for watson or your human brain. >> reporter: watson is the
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brain child of ibm corporation. returning to his roots ceo came to kickoff the 100th anniversary of the company. around the world 300,000 ibm employees will participate in a year long campaign of public service to honor the centennial. primarily to get kids excited about science, technology, engineering and math. >> it's vitally important to be involved in the schools because the children are our future and they desperately need the math and science skills to be competitive and to make our communities competitive. >> not only as a society but a stable economic society they have to have those skills and quite honestly business and government has the responsibility. >> reporter: baltimore city ceo dr. andre, alonzo sees this as a opportunity for the students. >> it's not about the technology it's about the thinking engages and enables something different to emerge. >> reporter: for this 100th
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anniversary i be than employees will continue to spread out to schools with watson at their side hoping to inspire the next generation of great scientists. in baltimore bill fink, abc2 news. it's kind of a hit on jeopardy. slackingstudents who don't get enough rest don't as well in school and they have the numbers to prove it. nfl labor negotiations continue right here in maryland. will the ravens take the field. we've got your update coming up. . fantastic day out there weather wise. >> 83 degrees. humidity was comfortable 80 was your two degree guarantee. no winner today. new storm system headed our way. what it means for your thursday and your weekend coming up.
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. most young americans are just not getting enough sleep. the average teen needs around 9.5 hours a night but yet studies show they usually get more like 7 and college kids get even less. shelby lynn has more on how getting enough shut eye is critical to keeping young alert and healthy. >> reporter: in data presented at this year's meeting at the associated professional sleep societies researchers say college students retain information they learn in class better if they get enough sleep. tests taken after 12 hours of wake fullness. >> reaction times are slower.
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people have difficulty concentrating when they are sleep deprived. >> reporter: at that same conference sleep experts found tired teens were 50% more likely to have strong cravings for carbohydrates. they found the rate of depression was higher among students had a strong craving for carbohydrates. >> you need glucose for the brain to run, and if the rain is under stress then the brain might need more glucose. maybe that's contributing to the stress, or anxiety level. >> reporter: by looking at the results investigators believe a lack of sleep may be the factor in the rising childhood obesity problem in this country. you've heard of people running some police. now officers are going to be the ones being chased. there's a race inside the race for this year's baltimore 10-
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miler. 20 officers from the baltimore city police department will be running, and for each person that crosses the finish line before the fastest officer oregon sports enterprises will donate $2 to the signa 13 foundation. that's a charity that provides financial assistance to officers who run into unexpected emergencies. >> officers are out there raising money for these great causes. officers raising for officers is very special. >> the race is saturday morning at 7:30 7:30 in baltimorement it benefits the clear kids campaign and relay for rags. two words mighty fine. mighty fine looking day of weather and great looking evening out there too. 82 degrees right now. little warm in spots but for
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the most part humidity comfortably low 28%. light northwest winds really really nice stuff. let's take a look at some of our hd weather net cameras. towson west elementary nothing but blue skies over the school today. and trees shaking a little bit in the freeze very, very light breezes comfortable. annapolis what a day to be a sailor to be out on the water off the naval academy. nice looking day to head out on the chesapeake. frederick all across the state nothing more than just a few wisp of fair weather clouds. maryland's most powerful radar all clear. we think it stays this way at least until tomorrow afternoon. it may be late tomorrow night before we see any significant rains around here, but there will be changes coming by tomorrow night into early friday. temperatures low 80. 72 baltimore and hagerstown 78. and humidity is worth highlighting. it's so low. annapolis 34%. 25% frederick, 32 in york. zoom in a little bit here. how about tomorrow.
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we're going to cloud things up. temperatures run a hair cooler and we will run the risk for showers through the day. hamden 78 we might make 80 in the heart of the city toward fells point. further north 77 at apg with a chance of showers by afternoon. same thing in the in a minute when your stuck in the 70s tomorrow. satellite radar picture the clouds are drifting in out of the west. del mar virginia eastern shore cecil and harford counties the clouds will come in later this evening. rain developing out to the west. not particularly powerhouse storm system but a rainmaker. rainmaker that will make its way in by tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night, could linger to hang out into our friday. in the meantime mild, dry weather tonight and even early tomorrow. so enjoy that. but as we work through time here and get into tomorrow afternoon, our future caster couple showers midday but better chances for rain coming in late tomorrow night. after midnight toward 2:00 a.m. this by the way a great time to get some rain on the ground
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soak the grass because you get those overnight showers and that water really has a chance to soak in before it evaporates. answer we look to your friday afternoon, still could see some showers around. we could use some rain not a terrible thing. we think it will clear for saturday and sunday. overnight 65. clouds on the increase. cool overnight. tomorrow 76 for your two degree guarantee. mostly cloudy skies. could see a few scattered showers late out there. tomorrow night down to 64. the better chance of rain will come in late overnight tomorrow night. again it will be useful rain especially in the overnight hours. 7-day forecast again the outlook here is for some improved weather into the weekend. i think it will be warmer but it will also be drier. 78 on saturday and 87 on sunday. just a slight chance of a late shower sunday evening. so most of the weekend looks dry. friday will be a little dicey with the chance for rain on and off. >> that 76 looks good for tomorrow. >> good temperatures. >> let's take a look what's coming up at 11:00.
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right now lawmakers are joining with residents to rally against a proposed toll hike that could hit the bay bridge. we're there and bring you the very latest. after a case of measles pops up in our area the cdc says the u. s. is actually now dealing with the largest outbreak of the disease in more than a decade. we'll tell you what you should do to keep your family healthy. those stories and more plus wyatt's final forecast coming up tonight at 11:00. right now there could be some progress finally nfl lockout and it's going on here in maryland. commissioner roger goodell as well as several team owners have been meeting with player association officials to work out a new deal. next week the negotiations will be moving to the windy city in chicago when we'll get a look at the framework for possible agreement. all 32 team members are expected to be at that meeting. we'll keep you updated on that. right now let's check out how the drive home is looking tonight. got a live picture. we're looking at 695 providence
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road. smooth sailing, no traffic. we'll be right back after a quick break.
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. sounds like tonight would be a good night to be out and about. >> i wish we had it off. go out, walk, you know maybe
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get on the patio somewhere cool beverage. temperatures low 80s. tomorrow, rather the rest telephone evening here kelly temperatures dropping down into the low 60s. 67 or so tomorrow. clouds are going to increase so enjoy the clear evening. >> one more night then tomorrow. just don't come to work. >> that is it for abc2 news at 6:00 tonight. thanks for joining us. we will be back here tonight at 11:00. so go out and enjoy that nice weather we'll be here. >> get taylor to rewash it for you. >> she wouldn't go for that. too smart already.
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